Conceptual Planning

Project progress is driven by property constraints. Conceptual planning addresses meeting project goals, maximizing output, satisfying community and agency expectations — simultaneously.

This process can advance Site Design by answering design questions and identifying design advantages. The team at Gelberg AEC offers these services to help you solidify your mental picture of the project and facilitate making it a reality.


Assessing potential development options is challenging but vitally important to ensuring project success. We compare potential project goals to existing property conditions to determine what issues could require additional investment of time and money to make a project work at a given location.

Factors driving development costs on a particular parcel include infrastructure needs, rezoning requirements, and property obligations. Having this information is essential for proper and profitable decision making.

Value-Engineering Review

Value is function divided by cost. Value-engineering is a multi-step process that concentrates on maximizing a project’s function while minimizing costs to generate the greatest value.

We can assist with third-party / peer review of your project, even if another consultant is already providing design services.